What is a Celebrant?

Celebrants are trained professionals who compose, officiate and perform the highest quality personalized ceremonies for couples, individuals and organizations. A celebrant is knowledgeable about the traditions and cultures of a variety of religions and nationalities. Certified by the Celebrant Institute USA, I have a keen understanding of the importance that ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage hold in the lives of individuals, couples, and families.

Planning Your Ceremony

Your ceremony should be a reflection of your personal journey. It should express the distinctive qualities and values you and your loved ones hold dear, rather than duplicating the ceremonies of others. With my training as a Certified Celebrant, I am pleased to serve couples, families and individuals with meaningful ceremonies that I create and conduct especially for you.

As your Celebrant, I work with you to develop your ideas and provide an authentic expression of your personal values, traditions, and beliefs. As an ordained non-denominational minister, I am interested in incorporating traditions and cultural influences that are meaningful to you while creating original touches to make your ceremony truly one of a kind. Whether you need my expertise with weddings or other life passages, I am privilege to provide the professional officiating services that will make your occasion memorable.